Covid 19
- Studio Safety

Studio Photoshoots


- All soft fabrics in contact with babies are washed with antibacterial wash between each session.

- All hard surfaces and props are disinfected between sessions.

- Illness from either party to be disclosed and shoot postponed/ rescheduled. This includes any kind of illness in babies (even if you dont think its Covid related.)

- Hands and forearms thoroughly washed and sanitised before handling baby, and throughout each stage of the session.

- Immediate family only, from one household. No more than 2 adults (excluding me) in the studio per session. 

- Siblings are still welcome to join in Newborn Sessions.

- Clients hands to be washed on entering the studio. I also have hand sanitiser and masks available for use.

- I will be using a mask while shooting and ask that clients able to, also do so where possible.

- With the exception of newborns, the 2m social distancing rule will be maintained between myself and all other studio visitors.